Lab Investmente

The future lab is flexible automated

and is easy to use without the need of a specific interface.

The pipetting of the future is 24/7

and enables an easy and direct collaboration.

AI recognizes changed position

24/7 walk away capability – space saving with a small footprint

Connecting two workplaces in a chain

enables an easy and direct collaboration

Using a Cobot doing your repetitive work and parts of daily applications also means that it needs enough material for that. Any sort of consumables like microtiter plates, tips and tubes as well as reagents and other liquids.  To store all of this we developed a special container. In this container you can place direct microtiter plates or with fitted trays any other material you need for your work.

This standardized container has two magnetic doors. Thereby you can use it from each side on the Tower-Hotel and pass through the consumables from one working place to the other. Inside the Tower-Hotel there is a high-bay warehouse for up to 10 Containers with material. This enables the Cobot to work day and night even at the weekend. Different coloured LED-stripes show the actual status of the elevator inside.

As an option, you may later need, you can mount a landing platform on the top of the Tower-Hotel. Above all heads a drone can land on it and place a container in a prepared position where the elevator can pick it up without any additional gripper. Also included is an automatic charging of the drone. In some years drones will become a standard solution for indoor transportation. Especially for liquids and lightweight things like consumables. So this is a solution with a high walk away capability, connecting workplaces in a chain and future open for long range logistics. 


Drones will become the new standard in logistics

and they are the safest transportation system especially for liquids

Consumable drone pickup

is a safe, fast and very smooth connection of different workplaces

Consumable transport in containers

to a flexible storage system with a small footprint

More Apps coming soon…