The revolutionary lab automation looking for a partner/investor


About bAhead

After a year of conceptual preliminary work, bAhead GmbH was founded in May 2018 in Norderstedt. Due to technology consulting at board level and due diligences the financial basis for the second pillar, the bAhead FutureLab startup is laid and the necessary know-how created. In 2019, the concept was expanded to a compound, and in all aspects superior approach, for ideal laboratory automation. A concept that has the potential to revolutionize small and medium-sized laboratories and enable digitalization without the clutter of interfaces.

At the end of 2019, bAhead could win the pitch competition of the Hamburger Förderbank IFB. On January first 2020, bAhead GmbH moved to Hamburg and hired the first development employee. Today, the core team comprises six employees, who are supported by several other project team members from cooperation partners and other startup`s within the same thematic field. At the End of 2020, the world market leader in table robots, DENSO, was convinced of the bAhead concept. An extensive cooperation agreement on concerted development, premium support and advantageous delivery services was concluded. DENSO supports bAhead with material, expertise and a team of experts.

The demanding technical interferences have largely been overcome and we are now entering the phase of being able to show what is already possible today with our combination of technologies. Although we have only just opened the door of possibilities, which our videos should emphasize. Collaborative robots, 3D cameras and AI are all developing at an exponential rate: a speed of further development, which the conventional individual solutions with laboratory machines cannot even begin to follow. The advantages of this concept in terms of performance and speed will continue to grow. Drones are the logistical future. Even if it will take years in the laboratory to become relevant, our concept is prepared for it.

In order to allow rapid implementation in the market and to follow with rapid development, we need another cooperation partner or investor. bAhead is 100% privately owned, debt-free and fully financed until the mid of 2022. Meaning: almost after a year, bAhead will realize sharply increasing profits with a partner/investor.