Buddy increases productivity and quality, enabling your lab team to focus on the essential tasks.

Founded in 2018, bAhead developed Buddy®, a fully flexible collaborative robotics solution to simplify workflows and logistics in labs. Through the use of vision based AI, Buddy can flexibly adapt to changing workplaces and integrate existing equipment irrelevant of the manufacturer.

Begin your lab automation journey with Buddy


Improve Work Environment

Improve attractiveness for employees by reducing physical, repetitive tasks, allowing for more engagement and remote work capabilities. 

Save Money

We outperform traditional systems in affordability and modularity. Seamless integration with existing equipment and easy reprogramming for evolving tasks, reduce the need for additional investments in new devices.

Improve Quality

Through improved accuracy, repeatability, consistency and traceability the quality of repetitive repetitive processes is drastically improved.

Save Time

Through automated documentation, increased walk away time (no human interaction necessary) and automated workflows outside of working hours. Our quick response remote service get’s your lab back up to speed with no down time.



Our cobot “Buddy” is the center of our solution, beeing able to all tasks usually requiring manual work in the lab. From Pipetting, using centrifuges, placing micro well plates in a reader or controlling a shaker. Buddy is your helping hand on the lab table. 

3D Vision

The embedded 3D camera enables tracking of all lab tasks and increases precision. Through camera recognition, existing lab equipment – without interface – can be integrated in automation. It recognizes devices, consumables and their exact position.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI technology and machine learning we are able to continuously learn and improve processes in the lab using information from ongoing processes, as well as synthetic information we created. This further reduces error rates and increases precision and lab output.